Actual CapabilitiesSince 2006 PRO.SEC has subcontracted security services in Lebanon with many international security companies from Europe and USA such as GEOS, Olive Group, PAE …
Prosec is servicing more than 180 posts and boosts a roll of no less than 700 employees, covering all kind of sites such as Embassies, Hospitals, Universities, Banks, Residencies, Malls, etc..., add to this our state of the art management tools for Control and Command (C&C) and you will have the makings of one of the major players in the field. 
Prosec can through its fleet of Money Haulage assure the transportation of cash money and valuables from any point to another. Prosec can provide VIP protection relying on retired-military.
Prosec K9 provides the best dog team for detecting explosives and drugs.