Command, Control & Communication


To ensure a high level of performance and control over their guards, Prosec throughout the years of experience has created and developed multiple software programs, and that is to improve the efficiency of the security performance and the control over its guards.

The well established Pyramidal structure of PROSEC, allows to control and be in contact with each guard in his post any time, anywhere on the Lebanese territory through a strict and defined chain of command referred to the military experience of the founder (G.M. General GEORGIOU) of PROSEC and the use of retired military personnel.

Since 1997 and through the years on the run Prosec has come to establish a software that allows to control in a more accurate way the log of the guards showing upfront for a month period which guard will be posted to which post and in case of absents who will be the reserve guard to replace him.

Prosec’s administrative structure allows easy and fast circulation of information throughout its departments. To ensure a good control over the guards throughout the field, supervisors are in charge to make sure that the SOP related to each site is applied correctly; they also make sure that all guards are working properly. They report to the operational manager on a daily basis all the information needed.     Patrol leaders are in charge of supervising the guards’ appearance such as uniforms and general behavior and this throughout the 24 hours a day 7 days a week their also report all the filed events to the operational manager. the operational manager who is in charge of the coordination between the guards, Patrol Leader and the supervisors. His role is to solve and answer problems and requests reported to him.

In order to be aware of all the events throughout the field, the operational manager reports to the C.E.O a brief detailed daily report. The role of the C.E.O is to make sure that every action and order taken by the operational manager was performed in the utmost level. He also communicates with the clients and make sure that the services fulfills the customers satisfaction.

Other software were built  such as  GPS software was Taylor made to track the supervisors and patrols that checks the guards in their posts spread all over Lebanon.


1-GPS: (Global Positioning System):

Pro.Sec was the first to use the tracking system via satellite in Lebanon allowing us to track our cars and improve control on our mobile patrols which enhanced greatly their efficiency. Allowing us also, to track and monitor our vehicles transporting money which enhanced their security, pinpointing their position within meters. A panic button allows the crew to send an SOS message; within seconds our operation room receives it and dispatches the closest units to the rescue as well as informs the proper authorities. Furthermore, if the car has been hijacked we can remotely kill the engine thus immobilizing it. This system is used as a car alarm and a fleet management system.

2- Guard Tour System:

Using state of the art device that allows collecting data electronically. It consists of a reader and a series of small magnetic button disks. The disks are affixed at the points, which should be visited by the patrol. The patrolman arrives and places the reader over the metal disks. The reader then records this event. Through a specialized computer program, developed by our IT Department, the data that was kept on memory is downloaded from the reader. A print out of the results is made and the performance of the patrol and the guards at each service point is assessed. Efficiency is greatly enhanced.

3- HYT Patrol Points:
Using a state of immediately collecting data from our supervisors and where they are at any moment. where it consists of a radio transmitter with the supervisor a patrol in any post and a receiver in the operation room, where any time the supervisor passes in front of the patrol in any post the data is sent immediately to the operation room without waiting the supervisors to come back to the office, which by its turn enhance the efficiency of monitoring our guards all over our posts which is spread all over the Lebanese Lands.


1.  Encrypting/Decrypting :
Confidentiality, discretion and secrecy are of the utmost importance. That is why we have developed our own Encrypting/Decrypting program. The Encryptor is software created, conceived and home made by Pro.Sec. It allows its users to encode / decode any messages exchanged through PC modems; when a scrambled message is received through the dedicated phone line at Prosec's control room a window opens up on the screen and a beeping alarm sounds this way the operator cannot miss the message. He pushes the decrypt button and the message is transcribed in clear.

2.  The Communication (VPN system ):

To ensure the confidentiality of our communications we have made available to our teams special cell phones equipped with restricted SIM cards that allow communications to only be established with the operation room, and their immediate superiors. A special three-digit call allows the system to function as a priority 1 system and the calls are treated as such. Furthermore, we have installed a hands free communicator in each car where the crew pushes a CALL ME button and the operations room will dial the car. They will be able to either talk with the crew or just listen to what is happening in the car and can therefore assess the situation.

3.  Radio UHF – VHF:
a Radio is dedicated to each post to ensure communication with the control room and depending on the mission each person.

The HYT radios where chosen to be used by Prosec. Those radios provides an IP address to each user where the control room can listen and record all communications on the network, knows the names of the users just when they push the talk button; this features can control at any time the users, control and monitoring personnel can at any time make a safety check to ensure that the guards are awake, many other options are also available such us the patrol control ……..

4.  Recording calls system:
All incoming/outgoing calls made to or from Prosec’s offices, are all recorded and kept in a log in our servers for a period of time.