Ever since it’s founding, in January 1998, Pro.Sec has been involved in providing full security services all over the Lebanese territories. Our seriousness, professionalism and know how have secured us a hefty share of the market with a very high rate of satisfaction amongst our clients.

We provide full security services to all of our clients as well as visitor’s ushering and valet parking services. Our patrols roam the streets day and night visiting our posts at random time keeping our guards on their feet. Intensive seminars, training courses and refreshment sessions are held systematically under the auspices of our G.M. General GEORGIOU. “How-To’’ courses as well as “Know How’’ courses are given to all our personnel who follow training courses before starting up on any mission. A Standard Operating Procedure (S. O. P.) pertaining to each mission is developed together with the person mandated by our clients and depicts the ways to go about executing the contract at hand, hence ensuring a performance up to standards.

We are today the only company servicing the off premises ATM machines on behalf of the only two Lebanese operators, CSC and IPN.


Pro.Sec relies upon a highly professional, efficient and homogeneous team.

Most, if not all, of Pro.Sec’s management is made out of ex-military officers who ensures a reliable and efficient environment because all of them are security conscientious.