Professional Security: Pro.sec s.a.r.l.

Since 2006 Pro.sec has been subcontracted by many international security companies from Europe and the USA such as GEOS, Olive Group, and Control Risk among many others.

Pro.Sec is currently servicing more than 300 posts and boosts a roll of no less than 1000 employees.
From Embassies, Hospitals, Universities, Banks, Residential buildings, Malls, Museums, television and broadcasting to Oil and gas, Pro.sec offers various solutions to mitigate the risks and provide the best quality of services.

Add to this our state of the art management tools for Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Information technology such as 4CI and you will have the makings of one of the major players in the field
Pro.sec owns a large fleet of vehicles that offers services such as transportation, patrolling, money haulage and close protection.

Pro.sec can provide VIP protection relying on our trained personnel that go through an extensive program and specialized equipments.

Pro.sec K9 provides the best dog team for obedience and detecting explosives and drugs trained at our k9 academy by experts from Europe.


General Pierre Georgiou

Pierre Hadji Georgiou Volunteered in the Lebanese army in 1973 and graduated from the military academy in 1976. He Worked in the directorate of intelligence, counter terrorism and counter espionage dept. and established the first hostage rescue force in the Middle East under the supervision of an expert American team. He also commanded mechanized infantry battalions.

Recipient of numeral medals for outstanding work during his service:

Ordre du MériteLibanais

Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Cèdre

Ordre du MériteLibanais- Silver Medal

Médaille de L'UnionNationale

Médaille ''Aube Du Sud''

Médaille de la Guerre

Médaille de l'Appréciation Militaire - Silver Medal

General Georgiou retired from the Army in 1998 and established Pro.sec s.a.r.l. along with the following Companies:

• Pro.sec School: 2009
• Regeolisarl: 2006
• Pro.sec offshore: 2006
• Pro.sec Iraq
• Pro.sec South Sudan
• Pro.sec holding: 2010
• Petroco (military and hunting arms trade licensed by a presidential decree): 2011
• Pro.sec Standard Synergy- Nigeria: 2012
• Regeoli – Nigeria: 2012
• Cedars Tech: 2013