This Product is provided by our sister company REGEOLI


After several years of testing these devices PRO.SEC can confidently sell these products and the monitoring services to the market. The unit is developed to meet several criteria in the market. PRO.SEC implemented these units successfully during the Marlboro Rally of Lebanon 2004.

These units can be used in two different methods:

1. Car Alarm: The GPS tracker can send information to your mobile phone and the control room announcing that a tampering of your vehicle is in progress. In case of theft, PRO.SEC control room can track the vehicle and at the appropriate time cut off the engine, and call the authority to retrieve it.

2. Fleet Management: If placed on a fleet the client is advised to use the GPRS network, thus reducing cost and tracking his fleet in real time. The vehicle then transmits it's position automatically to the control room, showing up on the screen as a round dot. If the fleet is large the owner could purchase the software and can follow his vehicles al over the Lebanese territories at his own leisure .

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