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Radio Communications

Professional quality, all-in a super and powerful function, armed with the innovative and state-of-the-art technology, tops among the competitive products of other companies because of its invulnerable professional quality.

New generation, high-class professional portable radio, has been taken uncountable advantages, such as unique and ergonomic design, luxurious quality, simple and customized appearance design, super and powerful functions.

Main Features: WTMD


Wide-band Coverage:

Allows users the flexibility to select their frequency for use in their respective work environment.

Powerful Audio Output, voice compander audio enhancement and a powerful 1W speaker ( with a diameter of 40mm) ensure superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments.

Safety Assurance:

Safety and security are critical factors for modern organizations. The portable radio Lone worker, Man Down (optional) and Emergency Siren features are designed to assure your safety in case of emergencies or accidents.

Built-in Scrambler:

Maintaining private and secure communications is increasingly important, with potentially sensitive information flowing back and forth. The portable radio scrambler feature provides enhanced security for your important public safety and private security communications.


The Whisper feature means that even the quietest message can be transmitted and understood.

Channel Annunciation:

The feature enables radio to report the current channel number when power on or switching channel, offering you notable convenience.


The portable radio signaling system allows features including Identification, Calling Timer, Voice Storage, Retrieve Record, Individual Call, Group Call, Broadcast, Stun/Kill & Revive, Status Inquiry. (Some are features of dispatch center). Compatible with MDC1200, the portable radio Signalling allows functions including PTT ID Encode, Emergency Encode, Radio Check Decode, Stun/Kill & Revive, Individual Call, Group Call, Broadcast, etc.


Super Features:

Lone Worker:

The feature provides added security and safety for individuals who work remotely from their team. Should a user not respond to a regular warning tone then a defined emergency procedure is activated.

Man Down (optional):

When feature enabled, a defined emergency procedure is activated if the radio is horizontally or inversely positioned for a certain length of time. Place the radio vertically to disable the emergency.


Safety Check:

Should the user not respond to a safety check signal from the dispatch center or another authorized radio, then a defined emergency procedure is activated.


The Whisper feature means that even the quietest message can be transmitted and understood.

Power on Self-Test:

The radio itself checks radio status automatically when power on, and emits corresponding alert if an error occurs (e.g. CPU error or EEPROM error), allows the user to early detect unit faults.

Embedded Message & Serial Number:

The radio’s memory can store messages including service and programming records, for remarkable ease of maintenance; the feature also makes a unit identifiable by Serial Number.


Press the Emergency key to emit emergency alarm, or send ENI (Emergency Number Identity) / background tone to a pre-defined person or the dispatch center (selectable via programming software).

Auto Contact:

The feature is especially helpful in high-demanding communication environments, such as climbing, exploration, and rescue work. When feature enabled, the radio beeps when the user is moving out of communication range.


The Rental feature limits the time period that a radio can be rented. The radio will be disabled once the time elapses.

Software upgradeable (optional):

Allows new functions add-in to accommodate future updates.

PC Tuning:

Enables remarkable ease of maintenance.

Patrol Record (optional):

Patrol system for real-time (or non-real-time) data transmission consists of the portable radio supporting the patrol record feature, patrol point, control center, patrol management software, data transmission cable.