about us


Today PRO SEC has the available resources required to execute highly demanding missions and complex contracts. 
PRO SEC relies upon a highly professional, efficient and homogeneous managerial team. The operation is run by retired military officers with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of security on the Lebanese territories. This has created a solid base and established us as a respectable and professional security company.
Add to this our state-of-the-art management tools for Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Information technology “4CI” and you will have the makings of one of the major players in the field.
PRO SEC currently provides services to more than 300 posts and boosts a roll of no less than 1000 employees. We own a large fleet of vehicles that offers services such as transportation, patrolling, money haulage and close protection.
PRO SEC provides VIP protection relying on our personnel that go through an extensive training program and are also trained on specialized equipment.