about us


PRO SEC was founded in February 1998 by Retired Army General Pierre Hadji Georgiou. His vision was to establish best in class Security Company.
With an experience of 25 years in the Lebanese Army, General Georgiou laid the foundation of an effective command and control system and structured the operational methodology and the company started its services in static security guards.
In the year 2001 we expanded our scope of work to comprise the transport of money and valuables.
PRO SEC formed its first close protection team in 2002. The close protection agents were trained by highly qualified ex-military instructors. 
In 2008, PRO SEC acquired the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality management system, to be able to ensure constant and continuous quality services.
In answer to the growing demand for professional security and qualified guards, PRO SEC established its training center in 2010. Through carefully designed training programs, we form security agents who handle their responsibilities with high level of efficiency.
As risk management became a necessity for any organization, PRO SEC was the first local security company to establish a risk assessment unit. Our experts help companies to identify, assess, and control threats to their assets, employees, and systems. The risk assessment team was trained based on ISO 31000 “Risk Management” guidelines.
In its quest for excellence, PRO SEC developed its own IT solution to integrate its management system and operational needs. Today, PRO SEC operation is fully digitized in one state of the art solution that allows interface among all software programs thus, minimizing the human error factors and maximizing the ability to solve crises.