CCTV & Alarm monitoring

Our CCTV and Alarm Monitoring Solution (CAMS) is a centralized Tele and video surveillance system. It is compatible with multiple IP protocols to achieve real time surveillance of multiple, integrated, security systems. 
Video surveillance is mainly concerned with CCTV monitoring of real time events, historical events and in case of security events, the “CAMS” allows security operators to follow the event live on their monitoring screen and take action as per the intervention instructions stored in the system configuration database.
Tele surveillance is mainly concerned with surveillance of remote sites, by receiving alarms via telecommunications network be it the phone company, Wide area (WAN) or wireless networks. In case of an alarm, the “CAMS” will allow full traceability of the events, with date and time stamp, action taken by security operators, etc. the three main functions of Tele surveillance are: Detection, logging and intervention.
“CAMS” is compatible with a wide range of CCTV cameras, Intrusion and fire alarm systems, as well GPS tracking units.
The power of “CAMS” is its integration capabilities giving the users a full view of all systems being monitored, from one console, while offering a visual display, on large video walls, to monitor, process, and report on alarms in progress;  while recording every action taken, providing at the end of the day a detailed report of all incidents.
“CAMS” is a unique custom-made solution; it can be localized to the language of the country and adapted to the laws and available technology level or state. “CAMS” is used in all industries that require efficient daily monitoring, such as banks, fortune 500 and 1000 companies, and government institutions.  

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