Security Training

PRO SEC has established its own security training school to raise awareness and enhance the performance of security personnel.
The classrooms can accommodate up to 60 students and are equipped with high tech instructional materials, video projection, first aid tools, firefighting apparels, as well as the demo security equipment for training practice on X-Ray machine, walk through metal detector, CCTV units, fire and intrusion alarms, and explosives detector. In addition, a gym is open to all employees for practice.  Training is one of our core competencies and the company prides itself in its superior ability to train security personnel to high standards of performance.
All of PRO SEC’ security guards follow a basic training and have to take a written exam prior to their employment. Only those who succeed are accepted within PRO SEC workforce.
PRO SEC School also offers classes to private sectors, banks, hotels, NGOs, museums, commercial companies, among others.
Some of those classes are:
  • Basic and advanced security
  • Close protection
  • Use of security equipment
  • Fire fighting
  • Evacuation
  • First aid

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