Static Guards

PRO SEC security guards are carefully recruited to handle the work challenges. They undergo systematic security trainings including basic, advanced, and on-the-job trainings.
PRO SEC guards are capable of performing any security task like surveillance, screening and access control of people and vehicles, CCTV monitoring, apply emergency plans, implement security procedure, keep logs, among other tasks.
When requested by our clients, PRO SEC guards are provided with all the necessary equipment to perform their duties efficiently.
Today PRO SEC is relying on high tech equipment to enhance the security level such as:
1. X-ray Luggage Scanners
2. Explosives Detectors
3. Walk Through and Hand Held Metal Detectors
4. CCTV and Alarm Monitoring
Our guards are deployed over all the Lebanese territories; they are serving in various sectors including but not limited to: banks, airports, hospitals, schools, diplomatic missions, NGOs, oil & gas companies, and residences.

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